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Are you tired of spending all weekend in the yard when you could be enjoying the view from the porch? Let Barrett Landscaping create a custom-tailored landscape maintenance plan for your property. Our team of landscape professionals can maintain your landscape throughout the seasons, protecting your investment and ensuring you can enjoy your outdoor area all year long. 


Mowing the yard is only half the challenge. Bushes and trees that are not consistently maintained hurt the appearance of even the best-kept property. We will leave your bushes looking beautiful and designed just how you like.

Best Lawn Care Business in Savannah!

After having a renter in my house for 4 years, my grass was near death. I was convinced I needed to sod the entire yard. I called Barrett to come take a look and give me an estimate. They told me that they could revive the yard and patch areas with sod. I was skeptical to say the least. In about 3 months my grass looks better than it ever has! I could not be happier with my yard. I really like the email lawn reports after each service. Barrett is the best lawn care business in Savannah. I will recommend to all my friends. Thank you Barrett Landscaping.

- James Emrich

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We live in an 8-cottage community on Tybee and have been through several landscapers before Barrett. Hobie is easy to work with and they are thorough and attentive to detail. They’re great!

- Bonnie Hugo Nesbitt

We selected Barrett Landscapting, three months ago,to handle our lawn and shrub care and have been extremely happy with the results. Our crew is dependable, friendly and efficient. When we purchased our home in May 2017 the lawn was is very poor condition. In just 3 month, things have improved dramatically! We would not hesitate to recommend Hobie and Barrett Lanscaping to anyone in need of their services.

- Rick Saunders

Barrett Landscaping is the best! They are polite, courteous, and friendly at all times. They respond to my requests and questions in a timely manner. They always leave my yard looking amazing! Thank you, Barrett Landscaping!

- Susan Donovan

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